Property Market Trends

It’s an investors market – with interest rates at an all-time low, investors are lapping it up!

With investment being about one thing and one thing only, that is making money, investors are taking advantage of the lowest interest rates in history buying property and leasing with rent covering most of their loan repayment. Why wouldn’t you?

Chinese investment at an all-time high

Purchasing power for Chinese capital against the Australian dollar has increased massively over the past decade, which only encourages further investment.

The emergence of the house proud consumer driving house prices up

The dominance of home renovation shows on our TV screens for the last few years is driving an increase in home renovations across the board. With building materials and do it yourself home renovation kits being more accessible than ever, consumers are taking the opportunity to glamorise their homes. The prevalence of wood floors, stone bench tops and stainless steel materials in homes has doubled over the last ten years…consumers are no longer accepting the standards that once applied. Their home is now their castle!